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This is a great accent table to fit all of those small areas! Handy next to a bed, or by a chair or couch! Put your glasses, clocks, telephones, drinks on this table. Handy for campers. Even sturdy enough to sit on!
Multi Purpose Table 9" x 9" - $44.00
Multi Purpose Table 9" x 12" - $48.00
Multi Purpose Table 9" x 14" - $58.00
Multi Purpose Table 9" x 16" - $68.00
Curly Leg Table 24" long x 10" wide x 30" tall - $158.00
End Table 30" long x 12" wide x 24" tall - $186.00
This table features curved legs for an elegant touch. A great accent table for any area. The 10 " width offers a nice area to work with and there is a shelf below for added decorating. Also comes in an End Table!
This 2' long table gives extra setting room with it's half moon top. By extending out to 12" wide it makes a great accent table for all those hard to decorate areas. Comes with a second shelf. Really attractive useable design!
Half Moon Table 24" long x 12" wide x 30" tall - $158.00
This corner table comes in 3 convenient sizes to spruce up all those areas hard to decorate! this table contours out instead fo straight across so that you akve a lot more surface area. There is also a shelf on the table for additional setting room. Our corner shelves work great to hang above it.
Corner Table 12" - $124.00
Corner Table 14" - $148.00
Corner Table 16" - $158.00
Do you have trouble finding a narrow table? We fill the need with this handsomely designed table! All screw & glue construction built with 45 degree cornersfor safety in you hallways or any room in your home. The most important feature is that we set the legs in from the back edge, so that it does not sit in the tack strip which makes it more stable.
Accent Table 18"wide x 9" deep x 30" tall - $128.00
Accent Table 24"wide x 9" deep x 30" tall - $148.00
Accent Table 36"wide x 9" deep x 30" tall - $168.00
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