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Pull your quilt up the center of it and fan the top of the quilt out. The small quilt bow displays the smaller quilts, afghans, or baby quilts. It even works in the bathroom for bath towels. Also use them for curtain tie backs. The large is for full sized quilts.
Large Quilt Bow 10" x 5" - $38.00
Small Quilt Bow 10" x 5" - $28.00
Don't need a shelf, this is for you!
Simply clamp the quilt between the fixture.
Nicely displays quilts without the bulk of a shelf.
Quilt Grabber 24" - $46.00
Quilt Grabber 36" - $56.00
Quilt Grabber 48" - $78.00
Quilt Grabber 60" - $92.00
This quilt shelf features a removeable bar for a standard or sleeved type quilt, a plate rail, & the option of a heart. Manufactured in two lengths.
Quilt Shelf With Heart 36" long x 5" deep - $87.00
Quilt Shelf NO Heart 36" long x 5" deep - $87.00
Quilt Shelf With Heart 48" long x 5" deep - $124.00
Quilt Shelf No Heart 48" long x 5" deep - $124.00
This quilt shelf features an extra heavy duty 1.25" bar for the heaviest quilts. Features a fixed bar, drilled mounting holes in 16" centers, plate rail, & a gallery rail.
Quilt Shelf With Rail 36" long x 6.5" deep - $87.00
Quilt Shelf With Rail 48" long x 6.5" deep - $124.00
These feature the same depth as a mantle, for someone who is looking for a different touch of decor.
Gives a plate groove, 8" of depth, & a hanging bar for that same rock solid mount.
Quilt Shelf Removeable Bar 36" long x 8" deep - $87.00
Quilt Shelf Removeable Bar 48" long x 8" deep - $124.00
These quilt racks are designed with straight smooth lines to allow it to be used in a new or old decor. Built to be passed along as your family tree grows!
Standing Quilt Rack 30" high x 29.5" wide x 9" deep - $114.00
Quilt Not Included
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