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Windmill Shelf
Windmill Shelf 16" high x 8" wide - $38.00
This unique shelf will make a great conversation piece in any home! It's made of solid oak with solid walnut blades to give contrast. This shelf looks good with Dutch figurines or a wooden shoe. Shelf is 3.5" deep.
Utility Shelf
Utility Shelf 24" long x 6" deep - $54.00
Utility Shelf 36" long x 6" deep - $72.00
Utility Shelf 48" long x 6" deep - $87.00
Utility Shelf 60" long x 6" deep - $124.00
The design of this shelf is the reason for its versatility. No matter where you hang this shelf, you can change the appearance using the same two screw holes. The fact that the brackets go up & not down make it reversible, so that you can mount it upside down for a new look! The plate groove is for the position shown. This shelf is great for above doors & windows because it is flat on the bottom. Also, great in the kitchen above cabinetry for plates & cups & saucers. Looks good above a sofa, bed, or t.v. to hold collectibles.Can custom order longer sizes & it will be made sectional for shipping & then assembled on your end..
We cut out attractive scallops to show the detailos that demands attention! Put one in any corner of your home or office today and enjoy the compliments that are sure to come. The shelves are rounded to give you extra setting room. The backs are rounded to fit snug in the cornerof the wall.
Three Tiered Corner Shelf
Single Corner Shelf
This has a unique design that is different than any other corner shelf. For a great effect, use more than one in the same corner and adjust the spacing to the size of whatever you want to place on the shelves. Also works well to hold your stereo speakers! The shelf extends out to 10 inches in the center. The corner shelf comes out 8.75 inches from the corner.
Ball Bottom Shelf
Double Decker Shelf
Towel Bar withHeart
Blow Dryer and Curling Iron Shelf
Oak Shelf With 1/2" Bar
This is unique for in style & design! Features finials on the bottom of the brackets for a slight antique touch, while keeping it's modern touch! 5" Deep Shelf
This shelf is popular for displaying the bigger things, such as 8 x 10 pictures, mantle clocks, books, model cars and collectibles. Great in the kitchen for the cookie jar collections, crocks and antiques. Holds your favorite basket collection! Ample space for books and dolls in the children's room! Has a plate groove for plates and a 3.5 inch second shelf for smaller items. It's amazing how quickly the second shelf fills up!
A beautiful towel barshelf that is ideal for a lot of rooms in the house. Especially the bathroom for your big bath towels! But don't forget other rooms of the home for displaying knick knacks as well as your baby quilts, wall hangings, and afghans. Ideal finish for the moisture area. Screw holes spaced for wall studs and easy to hang!
You may be greeted like most when you open the vanity drawer in your restrooms. Are your drawers overrun with cords? Here is the solution for three of your items! Holds one blow dryer and two different sized curling irons, or one curling iron and one brush. Perfect for reducing the clutter on or under the vanity.
Will fit in those hard to fit spaces! Use for towels, baby quilts, and wall hangings.
Stacker Shelf
This solid oak shelf has an open bottom so that it can be used above a door, window, or under your favorite pictures or mirrors. Comes with a plate groove. Gives you 6" of setting room for some of your larger items. A good shelf for doing groupings for your larger walls, or for adding to a smaller arrangement. Try combining different sizes of this shelf to create a superb wall effect. The 8" by 6" size is popular for holding stereo speakers! All are 6" Deep.
Pedestal Wall Shelf
Lumpy Shelf
Paper Towel Shelf
Ladder Shelf
This versatile shelf is great to use on the sides of pictures or mirrors instead of a sconce. Holds candle arrangements, pictures, or figurines. Nice to use two to a side and offset them! Great little accent shelf for use in wall groupings. Comes in 3 sizes.
This shelf makes an excellent attraction instairways or walls of different sizes. They have three sizes of shelves. Two of the shelves are 4" x 4", two are 4" x 6", and one is 4" x 8", that accomodate most collectibles. They can be used as a foundation when coupled with our step shelves, which makes it look like a bridge between the steps. The two end shelves are the same size as the step shelves, so they blend wonderfullly together. So if you have a collection but a shadow box or straight shelf isn't for you, then this is sure to please!
Are your paper towels sitting on the counter or maybe you had to dig them out of the cupboard to use them? If this sounds familiar, treat yourself to your very own space saving paper towel shelf! The roller is even grooved so that it won't roll out on you. Easy to load from either side. Plus, you willl enjoy the 5" x 14" top to set spices, mugs, or just plain decorate! Either way you are going to love this shelf!
We designed this classy shelf after the style of days gone by. Great for holding clocks or any of your collectibles. Place this versatile shelf on the family room wall, in a wall grouping, under pictures and mirrors, or in any room of the house including kitchens. Comes with a plate grooove. Particularly beautiful when hung on the wall because of all of the decorative design work. Makes an excellent heirloom! 5" deep.
This long narrow shelf works good with wall groupings, or any of those narrow spaces you have by doorways, windows, etc. Use for figurines, pictures, and mugs.
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Single Corner Shelf - $38.00
3 Tiered Corner Shelf 8" Deep - $87.00
3 Tiered Corner Shelf 6" Deep - $68.00
Ball Bottom Shelf 24" Long- $58.00
Ball Bottom Shelf 36" Long- $68.00
Ball Bottom Shelf 48" Long- $78.00
Double Decker Shelf 24" Long- $68.00
Double Decker Shelf 36" Long- $87.00
Double Decker Shelf 48" Long- $124.00
Towel Bar Shelf 24" Long- $58.00
Blow Dryer & Curling Iron Shelf - $32.00
Oak Shelf 20" Long- $36.00
Stacker Shelf 8" Long- $28.00
Stacker Shelf 12" Long- $34.00
Stacker Shelf 16" Long- $38.00
Stacker Shelf 20" Long- $44.00
Stacker Shelf 24" Long- $48.00
Stacker Shelf 28" Long- $56.00
Stacker Shelf 32" Long- $62.00
Stacker Shelf 36" Long- $72.00
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Pedestal Shelf 5" Deep - $18.00
Pedestal Shelf 4" Deep - $14.00
Lumpy Shelf - $58.00
Paper Towel Shelf 14" x 5" Deep - $38.00
Clock Shelf 5" Deep x 24" Long - $58.00
Clock Shelf 5" Deep x 36" Long - $72.00
Ladder Shelf 3" Deep x 6.5" Wide x 36" Long - $68.00
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