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Triple Heart Shelf
Left Double Heart Shelf
Right Double Heart Shelf
Single Heart Shelf
There is nothing like adding something so precious as a cross to your home. Ideal gift for your minister, Sunday school teacher, or yourself! Gives a peaceful look in your home. Solid oak to last generations. We can custom make a cross to any size! Just call 319-256-9663 ( WOOD ) or write us!
Weaving Board
Candle Sconces
Slant Heart Shelf
Mirror Sconce
Do you have a basket collection? This is what the collection needs! The traditional basket weave is sure to grab attention. Decorate with flowers (not included) by inserting the stems inbetween the slats and change them for the seasons. Or perhaps instead display family pictures or figurines. Solid oak strips woven together into an oak frame with two hearts attached with screws. If you want something truly different that you are not going to find in your neighbor's house, this is it!
These sconces will accent any pictures or mirror, or any kind of wall arrangement. Place to either side! Oak candle cups on the shelves. Easy to hang!
This is a beautiful solid backed shelf with a unique scalloped design, with three hearts of which the two end hearts are slanted. Includes shaker pegs for hanging decorations and ornaments. Makes a good kids shelf or for your kitchen, or anywhere in the house. Try placing this shelf under a picture or mirror! Plate groove.
These sconces have a small shelf that can hold a small item or candle. They can be used to accent around mirrors or pictures in any room.
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These heart shelves give the ultimate country feel to any decor!
Offered in 4 models you are sure to find on to fit your liking!
Measure 24" wide x 22" tall $96.00 Oak
Measure 24" wide x 22" tall $114.00 Walnut
Measure 24" long x 5" deep $58.00 Oak
Measure 12.5" long x 3.75" deep $28.00
Measure 17.5" long x 3.75" deep $38.00
Measure 7.5" long x 3.75" deep $18.00
Measure 12" long x 8" wide $18.00
Sconce $28.00 ea.
Mirror Sconce $38.00 ea.
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