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The first, the best, & the only in the Industry! We engineered & built the machine that completes this process. This design completely huggs the wall. Keyholes are normally just a slot that is next to impossible to make tight. We have created a tapered process that is far ahead of our competitors! These slots are found on all of the plaques & wall hangings we sell, except for the shelving that require drilled holes. All shelving is equipped with hanging holes that are 16" on center to catch the studs in most homes. The hanging holes come with caps to cover the screw heads.

Hanging tips for our keyholes & hanging holes! Insert screw #6 drywall screws 1 5/8" long work well in most applications but not all. It is best that the screw is into a stud, if there is no way to hit a stud you need togle bolts. Togle bolts expand on the inside of the wall so they can not pull out! To hang a keyhole set the depth of the screw head from the wall at 1/8" from the wall. When you slide the keyhole on the screw head it will get tighter the closer to center you get! This same screws will work to hang a product with hanging holes!
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